I’ve been thinking a lot about personal finances recently and where to invest my money.

I have money invested in pension funds, ISA’s and bonds, but those are more long term investments where you can’t really touch the cash for 10-20+ years.

In an effect to diversify, I’ve invested in a website which has a fair amount of traffic (100k+ visitors a month) and makes $500 a month. I won’t say how much I’ve invested, but at the current rate of earnings I should break even on my investment inside 2 years - and that’s if I left it as-is (which I don’t intend on doing).

I’ll share the URL for the new site once I’ve had time to clean it up and make improvements to it but I’m very happy!

For those of you who have been looking to invest your money and diversify, I used We Want Websites to find this particular site. They are a curated marketplace which only accept the very best websites to be listed and email them to their subscribers.

The seller was great and clearly had a passion for the site vs just wanting to build a site with the intention to flip it.

I’ll post again soon with more details on the purchase process if that’s interesting to anybody.