I was chatting at The Bowl last week with a couple of guys from Brooklyn who have found a really novel and unique way to make money: buying and selling domain names!

Domain flipping is the art of buying a domain name for a low price, and then selling it for a much higher price to a qualified buyer.

So what these guys do is basically search the marketplaces and social platforms to find domain names that are valuable. That can be because of a short, brandable name, or an aged domain with history which can be sold for SEO purposes.

They buy the domain, and then flip it for a profit. The guide they used to do this (link above) basically says to aim for $500-1k profit per domain. Any more than that and you end up getting greedy, and having a portfolio of domains that don’t sell and cost you money in renewals.

I obviously knew that buying and selling profitable websites was a thing since I just recently bought one myself, but this is new to me and when I heard it, I knew I had to blog about it.

What do you think? Have you ever flipped a domain? 100 domains a year at $1k profit is a very tidy $100k a year!