There are a lot of product review websites sprouting up right now. Just search for “best {insert product name here}” in Google and you’ll see dozens of sites. Most of these are biased by the author, or pushing specific products that make the site owner money via affiliate fees.

So, it was refreshing to be notified by a subscriber about a different type of site called Best Product Finder - which is a product review site based purely on big data and machine learning.

Their “secret sauce” is never revealed but it seems like they gather data from Amazon, social media, forums and blog posts and, using machine learning, are able to determine sentiment analysis.

The end result of which is that they have a top 10 list for over 230,000 different product search terms performed by real shoppers.

Here are some interesting examples I found by browsing the site:

  • [Wolfgang puck knives]
  • [Polaroid 9 Quad Core Tablet]
  • [Double Headphone Stand]
  • [Pneumatic Silicone Gun]

What I love about this site is that it’s presently very simply? Looking for the best pneumatic silicone gun? Here’s the top 10 based on pure data. There’s no fluff or elaborately long reviews for the sake of word count - it’s exactly what a consumer needs.

Best of luck to whoever built the site, I’m sure it’ll do very well!

P.S. I’ve been studying finances online using recently and am amazed at the content and how simple and easily explained it is. Best of all, it’s totally free.